Trom-voz [2013] for trombone

(Deep)Pressing Voices [2013] for violin

Los Colores [2013] for voice or voices

Borealis [2013/Rev.2014] for marimba

Jabberwocky [2013] for contrabass clarinet

The Raven’s Lullaby [2013] for cello

Y mi voz que madura [2013/Rev. 2014] for flute

Kübler-Ross [2011] for electric bass


Aleteos [2015] for flute and guitar

Delírium Sonorus [2013] for piano and percussion

Origami [2013] for clarinet and double bass

Just a Minute [2012] for soprano and clarinet

Patos [2012] for clarinet and bassoon


Trip [2012] for guitar, violin and viola


AlebriXes [2016] for clarinet quartet

Grutta [2016] for clarinet, electric keyboard, electric bass and drum set

sketches [2015] for four (or more) performers

Rojo [2015] for string quartet

oνειρικος [2015] for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano and percussion

Alegorías [2015] for percussion quartet

Aria Sabina [2014] for soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and percussion

Hialosis Asteroidea [2013] for bass clarinet, violin, guitar and percussion

A Raven [2013/Rev.2015] for string quartet

Sabores de mi tierra [2013] for percussion quartet

Ensueño [2012] for guitar quartet

Cosmogonía [2012] for string quartet

Égloga Cervantina [2012] for soprano, flute, viola and harp

Hale-Bopp [2012] for clarinet, violin, cello and piano


Escucha del olvido [2017] for string/book quintet

Between Waves [2015] for wind quintet

Spirare [2014] for wind quintet

Entre locos nos entendemos [2011] for percussion quintet

El Sueño del Gnomo [2011] for percussion quartet and piano


In (E)Motion [2017] for large ensemble / chamber orchestra

Vitrales Infinitos [2014] for percussion and string quintet

SoNáhua [2013] for flute, oboe, clarinet and string quintet

Tinnitus [2013] for flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, double bass and percussion

Demencia [2013] for flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon/guitar, piano and string quintet

Plasticidad [2012] for flute, bass clarinet/tenor sax, piano, percussion, violin, viola and cello


Polidentidades [2014] for female choir

Los Colores [2013] for voice or voices

Tzolkin [2012/Rev.2014] for mixed choir

Monstrum [2012] for mixed choir


XINANTÉCATL [2016] for string orchestra

MAR [2015] for symphony orchestra

Lenguas Pulsantes [2014] for symphony orchestra

La Expresión de las Emociones [2014] for symphony orchestra and children’s choir

Dentro de la caja [2013] for symphony orchestra